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Become a Luna partner

Become a Luna partner in order to get listed on the most relevant jobs website in  the county.

In a world where job applicants compete to gain employment, it’s important to find your edge so your curriculum vitae does not get lost in the pile. Working with a local recruiter like Luna Recruitment in Ramsgate, Kent gives you easy access to the best companies that are currently offering promising career opportunities.

We will connect you with employers in the hospitality sector, including events and catering. The key is to find the job and company that suits your skills and goals. 

Show the best version of yourself!

We, at Luna, always try to bring the best out of people. We're not trying to modify them in any way, we just try to make them shine the way they are. Here are a few advices about how to better introduce yourself to potential employers. It's all about you here.

Tighten up the CV

Keep the CV short, yet concise. Leave no significant experience out of it, but also probably it will not do you much good to mention the 2nd place at the local pie eating contest. Remember that the average screening time of an CV is of 10-20 seconds. So try to make the really important stuff to stick out. Novoresume offers a good template for one page resumes, which are really useful in the fast paced world of today

Quality CV and profile photo

The whole purpose of hiring is about sticking about. And a great way to do that is by having a quality profile picture in your CV and on your Luna profile. Imagine if a possible employers has 2 profiles in front on him. Who is he more likely to choose if the CV's are similar. The one with the more expressive picture. Of course that doesn't mean that the best looking one will always get the job, but it means that the one that has a nice portrait photo is more likely to get a call than the one with a photo cropped from his clubbing days.

A presentation video might help

Here at Luna we strive to show the uniques of each individual. A lot of Luna members choose to express themselves with a video. Try making a video of yourself and send it over to us together with the rest of the informations required and we'll make sure to display the best of you online, for the employers to find you. Might seem unnatural at first, but don't be shy. Make a presentation video of yourself where you can show off your skills or talk a little bit about you, and why would you be a great fit for every business. The video CV is the future. This is not mandatory, but it can give a significant advantage over the competition

How to become a luna partner in 4 easy steps


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Let's get to know each other better. Get your CV in shape. Pick a perfect Pic. If your creative Do you in a 1 minute Bio. Hit the pink tab to learn more about "Getting it right"


It's a wrap! You've completed the Application, sorted out a picture, maybe done a 1 minute Bio, now EMAIL over to:

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